Tiny girl sits on Santa’s lap, looks over and says 4 words that made everyone burst into tears

Having one of your family member battling for our freedom away from his country is a difficult thing. On one hand, you’re proud of the sacrifice they’re doing for their country ideals and protect us on the mainland.

But on the other hand, you miss them so much and pray to God for their safety each and every day. Sadly, this sweet young girl was too young when her dad was sent deployed to Afghanistan.

All she knew was that Daddy was gone and she needed him to return home. So when Santa Claus asked her what she’d like for Christmas, she had one answer.

After months of not having her dad around, she needs Santa to bring him once again from Afghanistan. This is a Herculean task, however she knows Santa is the only one capable to accomplish something so huge.

With a happy smile, Santa asks Kensley to turn around. There’s a special person waiting for her right around the corner.

See below the heartwarming reunion between this adorable little girl and her father!

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