This Polish Photographer Takes The Most Beautiful Dog Photos Ever

They make the world a better place and bring out the best in us. They are our best friends and will love us no matter what. They are loyal, kind and deeply entertaining. You’ve probably guessed what I am talking about, especially if you’ve ever had a dog.
Dogs make the world a magical place, and one extremely talented Polish photographer has managed to capture that in her beautiful pictures. Alicja Zmyslowska takes dreamlike photos of dog that reveal their true beauty and amazing spirit.


The woman has loved animals ever since she was just a little girl. Animals have always been an important part of her life. She loves all animals, but dogs have earned a special place in her heart. She got her first dog, a beautiful Golden Retriever (Kiara), in 2006, and says meeting her dog changed her life forever. Kiara was the first dog Alicja photographed. She took her first photos using a compact camera. Sometimes, she would borrow her brother’s DSLR camera to take pictures.



After she got more serious with photography and realized she was very passionate about it, Alicja finally bought her own professional camera. The investment paid off, and she began taking more and more pictures. She started taking pictures of other dogs, and her amazing work didn’t go unnoticed.
Many people started to appreciate and share her amazing pictures online. This young photographer is only 19-years-old, but her talent and passion for taking pictures are bound to kickstart her career.
What’s most impressive is her ability to bring out their individual characteristics and personalities of each dog she photographs. Take a look at some of the amazing pictures she’s taken.




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