This Man Caught Naked Women Bathing In His Lake. His Answer Is Brilliant!

Ron, an eldery man in Florida, had possessed an extensive ranch for quite a long while, which had a lake at the back. It was suitable for swimming, so he set it up pleasantly with outdoor tables, horseshoe courts and some lime and orange trees.

One night the old rancher chose to go down to the lake, as he wasn’t there for some time. He snatched a five-gallon bucket to bring back some fruits. As he neared the lake, he heard voices yelling and giggling with merriment.

When he came nearer, he saw it was a bundle of young ladies mindful of his nearness and they all went to the deep end.

One of the ladies yelled to him, “We’re not going anywhere, until you take off!”

Ron glared: “I didn’t come here to watch you women swim stripped or make you come out of the lake naked.”

Holding the bucket up, Ron said: “I’m here to feed my crocodile.”

Some old men can in any case think quick!

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