This kid is the father of a girl, ALTHOUGH HE HAS only 13 years. Wait till you see how the mother of the child looks!

A 13-year-old British schoolboy has become one of the youngest parents in the world, after his 16 years girlfriend gave birth to a girl.
“My son is mature for his age and will be a really good dad. He will be better than most fathers of 25 years, “says the proud (and perhaps unconscious) new grandfather.
At the beginning 2015, Alfie Patten, another 13-year-old British boy, thought he will be a dad, after his 15-year-old girlfriend became pregnant. But the DNA tests have shown that another 15-year-old boy, was in fact the father.
United Kingdom has the highest rate of pregnancies among teenagers, with approximately 43000 teenage mothers annually.

This kids are taking very serious the “new year, new me” thing!


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