This is What Happens When You Take 20 Redbulls with Alchohol

Most of the time we heard, or we probably consumed energy drinks alongside or blended with alcohol. Caffeinated beverages are controversial in and of themselves as they make your heart race and can have awful health effects especially when you drink a large number of them. So mixing it with alcohol can have significantly harsher results.
This 38-year-old Hispanic guy didn’t care of this and after drinking 24 cans of Red Bull in only 18 hours he started complaining of dizziness and huge pain in the chest and ended up in a Chula Vista hospital.
What is more alarming is that these drinks are being sold to every person, including kids! Outrageous!

What 20 cans of Red Bull can do to your heart!LIKE Luxury and Glamour

Posted by Luxury and Glamour on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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