This grocery store surprises its customers in a unique way!

Usually when we go shopping, we focus to choose products on the shelves, after which we will place in a row next to cash registers to pay them. As the customers of a supermarket in Germany did, only that in this case they had a special musical moment at which nobody expected.
The sounds produced by the bar code readers at the cash register have a distinct musicality and combined, yielding a chorus according to winter holidays which are just approaching.
At first amazed, customers have become enthralled by the unique musical moment. If by then the dominant note of the store was monotony, now it was changed in good humor, joy and optimism. Some customers even began to move in rhythm of the music.
End of the moment was explosive, the lights have gained greater rhythmicity, just like the applause of those who wanted to appreciate in this way the priceless moment.

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