They put a newborn puppy with a bunch of kittens and was raised by this tabby feline

In the video beneath you can see few days old puppy among a litter of cats being raised by a tabby feline. The puppy was only two or three days old when his mom was killed by a car. It occurred in Detroit.

The puppy’s name is Bobby and he is a Chihuahua. The video shows what happened. Bobby must be put with someone to nurse and raise him and the accessible mother happened to be a cat named Gwen.

Bobby fitted in from the first day with no problems. You can find in the video beneath that he is at home nestling up to his new mother and in the video you can see him messing around with his kitten brothers.

I believe that the motivation behind why we discover these recordings and photos so charming is because they uncover to us something that we crave for and which we fail at, specifically, coexisting with individuals of different cultures and thoughts. But we can’t live peaceful with them because of our blindness, arrogance and self-interest over love, happiness and understanding!

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