They Gave This Stray Dog A Home To Die In, But He Decides To Live Instead…

A lady took in a stray dog who was in such bad shape that she thought she was giving him a noble spot to pass on. Yet, all the pup expected to survive was a smidgen of adoration.
The story took place in Greece, which due to financial issues, the country has a ton of stray pooches. The poor dog, Billy on his name, was saved by Valia Orfanidou after she saw Billy’s photo on Facebook. The picture of the poor pooch named Billy was similar to something straight out of a horror movie. He was amazingly malnourished and experienced mange, bacterial infections and parasitic illnesses. His foster mom said she had never seen a more awful instance of animal neglect.
Be that as it may, only a couple of weeks after the fact? A miracle happened!

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