They Brought A Camera To A Secluded Area In Greenland. What They Recorded? Simply Horrifying

You are going to see a minute in nature that was caught by movie producers Adam LeWinter and Jeff Orlowski in Greenland. The footage you will find in this video from their honor winning for the best documentary film, “Chasing Ice”.

They started to see motion start on the Ilulissat Glacier. It was “calving” in a way never at any point seen by other people till now. The movie producers called the occasion in which the icy mass broken down over a time of 75 minutes, withdrawing a full mile, a “Supernatural, marvelous, horrendous, unnerving thing”.

They confront the last 100 years development, to what has happened in the most recent 10 years… startling evidence of what environmental change is doing to our planet.

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