These Japanese Bookmarks Look Totally Real

Japanese food is tasty. From rive bowls to sushi, there’s a dish to please every taste. But that’s something that the Japanese are even better at, and that is fake food. Japan is the king and queen of fake food. Restaurant owners first started using realistic food samples to be able to present their menu offerings to their customers without having to worry that the food will go bad.
Over the years, the fake food industry developed and extended to other major industries. Plastic food is now being used in fashion to create funky belts and other accessories. There are even phone cases made out of fake food. The Japanese seems to have no trouble coming up with innovative ideas when it comes to using this concept.
One of the latest developments that employs the same creative concept involves the book world. Two-dimensional flat, 2-dimensional bookmarks are now a must-have accessory for trendy bookworms who want to stand out while reading their books in the subway.
The offering is diversified, so it’s bound to please most tastes. These bookmarks are incredibly realistic and come in eight different varieties. Whether you’re into bacon or fish, you can find a bookmark that will be consistent with your culinary preferences. The price is not too steep. Buying one of these unique bookmarks will set you back about $15. You can purchase them online from Tokyo Kitsch.
However, if you do decided to buy them, you’ll probably have to make sure you will never be forced to read on an empty stomach. Even though readers are known to have a lot of imagination, fake bacon will never taste like real bacon.











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