These Asshole Parents Are Guilty of Ruining Their Children’s Lives

Children are most likely the biggest blessing in life. If you want to have a kids of your own, you will experience some of the most profound and beautiful feelings ever. You’ll feel the kind of love that you never ever knew existed. But if you want to have a kid of your own, you should also expect for your little bundle of joy to blame you for ruining their lives sooner or later. They will tell you that they wished you were dead and other wonderful things like that.


For moments like that, you’d better be stocked on wine.
For some lucky parents, that moment only comes when the kids become teenagers and they all think the world is against them and that everyone deserves to die. Happy times…Looking forward to those already.


But for other parents, that moment comes sooner than expected. In honor of all those parents who have to deal with this issue, there’s an Instagram account called assholeparents. There, parents can share their experienced and basically feed from other people’s misery.


As you’ll see watching these images, kids can hate you for all kinds of stupid – ok, let’s call them surprising- reasons. Won’t let your kid eat goat poop? You’re an asshole parent! Can’t grow bananas in your backyard because you live in an area where bananas can’t possible grow? You’ve guesses it – you’re an asshole parent.
Go ahead and explore the many, many reasons why your kids will most likely call you an asshole one day.
Hope you’ll enjoy these as much as we did!




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