These Artists Will Transform Your Kid’s Drawings Into Beautiful Pieces Of Jewelry

Child’s make for the delight of essentially making, and they don’t have the sense of self most grown-ups do, so they don’t over-think, judge, or attempt to shape their creation into something that will please others. They basically make for the delight of satisfying oneself without the standard masterful hangups most specialists have. The outcomes are exceptionally crude, unadulterated types of aesthetic expression that prepared specialists would never make in such unconstrained design!


But someone thought that is an approach to take these small pieces of art and transform them into jewelry that will las forever! Tasarim Takarim utilizes Etsy to make these jewelry, and the outcomes are truly astounding. Costs are from 112 Euros to 188 Euros, and setting everything up is simple. You simply select the picture of the piece you need made and email it to these guys.


Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu is a painter and loves working with kids and art. Her associate is Özgür Karavit who helps kids with carving, and is a carving master also. They both work out of a studio in Istanbul and deliver out works globally. All they ask is the type of jewelry you prefer. Most go for pendants or necklaces.

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