The police officer stopped a car, when he saw what was inside he had a shock! What he did after …

The world we live in is full of rules. Even though most of the people complain about all these rules, we have to know that they are made to help us, not to make us problems.
When it comes to children, the rules are more severe because their life is in danger if we do not respect certain rules. When we have a child in our car, we must know that it needs a special seat if the child is smaller than 53 inch tall. Most people ignore this rule and are fined if they are caught.

This police officer has stopped a car for a control, and when he saw who was inside of the car, he had a shock. There were three children, less than three years old, sitting on the back seat without a safety seat.

It seems that the police officer knew this family and refused to write a fine for the driver because he would have complicated the situation even more.

Together with other colleagues have raised money and bought three safety child seats, giving them to the father who barely succeeded from one day to another to raise his children.

Very nice gesture, don’t you think?

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