The old dog hangs his head and cries because he doesn’t know why he was thrown away

Ox, a dog of 14 years, had dedicated his entire existence to being a faithful friend to his owner. His love for his human was unconditional, yet sadly, the same couldn’t be said for his owner. When the owner’s new partner expressed an “allergy” to Ox, the owner readily gave up the elderly, fragile dog to the closest shelter.

The Humane Society staff in Hamilton County, Indiana, were heartbroken to see Ox’s upsetting reaction in his kennel right after his owner departed. Ox laid his head on the kennel bed, weeping like a defeated youngster. His heart had shattered, and the caregivers knew that senior dogs like him can quickly lose their spirit to survive or resist. The shelter didn’t delay in sharing Ox’s heartbreaking kennel picture on social media, stirring the empathy of countless people. Merely 2 hours after the post was shared, a woman arrived at the shelter and adopted Ox! Although still reeling from the day’s events, Ox’s spirits were revived upon waking in the warm hold of another caring human. Bit by bit, Ox let his guard down to his new family and started to show signs of happiness again in his new environment.

Memories of his previous owner often troubled him, but he found solace knowing his new human mother and siblings truly cared for him, provided him with comfort, and never showed anger towards him. Ox felt treasured in his new home, but the deep wound from his earlier abandonment and betrayal never fully healed. Sadly, six months after finding his new home, Ox passed away peacefully in the arms of the woman who had brought joy to his final days. We hope you’re at peace and in a better place now, Ox. Rest easy, sweet soul.

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