The most expensive face transplant in the world: it cost $ 1 million! A firefighter has received the “image” of a 26 years old man.

A team of doctors in New York has performed a graft of face, scalp, ears, bone fragments and auditory canals, to a 41 years old former volunteer firefighter.

While battling a fire in 2001, the fireman suffered terrible burns, most of them on his face level.

After a training period of one year, 150 medical personnel have entered the operating room in mid-august. The surgery lasted 36 hours and it cost $ 1 million.

Without being the first face transplant, is still the most extensive intervention of this kind.

After 3 months, the patient begins to eat and articulate, and his hair and beard grow normally.

The patient received the “image” of a young man of 26 years, who was brain-dead after a bicycle accident.

Watch here the evolution of the surgery:


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