The Chinese have managed to make counterfeit eggs!

In China everything can be counterfeit. When it comes to money, the human health seems to go second.

The Chinese have begun to realize even eggs, and not natural, but some that contains materials extremely harmful to our health. With the help of some dyes, gelatin and water, they make an egg just like the natural one. It is said that including the taste is the same, and that’s really hard to realize that is not a natural egg.
Why the chinese people counterfeit eggs? Simple. The costs are very low: an artificial egg costs 0.25 yeni per pound, natural eggs cost 1.75 yeni per pound!

In China have reported many cases of food poisoning. In 2001, there have been over 200 deaths due to suspicion of poisoning from eating. In 2009, there have been registered more than 55000 cases of children who got sick after drinking a counterfeit milk. Four of them died!

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