Texas Police Officer Honored for Using CPR to Save 3-Year-Old Boy

A cop in Granbury, Texas, was as of late perceived by city authorities for utilizing CPR to spare a 3-year-old kid in a sensational minute got on dash-cam video. On Oct. 12, Officer Chase Miller reacted to a 911 call asking for help at a Kentucky Fried Chicken for a young man who was not breathing and inert. Dash-cam footage from Miller’s vehicle indicated him maneuvering into the eatery’s parking area minutes after the fact. The office said that after Miller escaped his vehicle, he experienced a gathering of individuals, including a crying lady conveying a lethargic young man in her arms. Vice president Jim Marshall distinguished the lady as Bethany Hoover, 21, of Granbury, and the young man as Hoover’s 3-year-old child, Brayden Geis. Brayden’s dad, John Geis, 21, of Granbury, could likewise be found in the video. Hoover told ABC News today that Brayden had endured a febrile seizure because of a chilly he’d contracted.


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