Teen suffers from ‘untreatable’ extreme back pain. Then a doctor changes everything

After pulling out the roots of a tree, 17-year-old Muntathar Altaii felt an extreme torment on his back. Truth be told, it was so serious that it crippled him. He could no longer walk straight, and he was constrained into a changeless hunch. To exacerbate matters, his leg went numb because of a spinal kyphosis.

Looking for treatment, Muntathar went to each specialist he could. For three months in a row, he called any specialist he could get the contact data for. Nonetheless, every specialist dismissed him since they saw his condition as untreatable.

After much research and tenacious tirelessness and determination, Muntathar at long last found a chiropractic specialist in Australia who might treat him. The young person then flew from America to Australia where he met with Dr. Ian. Through 10 treatment visits with Dr. Ian, Muntathar regained his capacity to walk and soon to full wellbeing. He could stand up straight and stroll without a hunch. His life proceeded, and he went ahead to graduate high school.

If not for Dr. Ian, Muntathar admits that he would not have had the will to live. Having the capacity to be “typical” again meant everything to him, and he gladly graduated nearby his closest companions. Muntathar anticipates turning into a chiropractic specialist when he graduates school. He needs to help other people with their back issues!


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