Taco Shop Owner Saw Homeless Freezing Outside, Inspires Customers To Give Back On Their Lunch Break

Dallas, TX isn’t really known for it’s philanthropy. The metropolitan city, is garish in each aspect of the word. It’s the terrible truth that few care for the city’s homeless and those in need.

This week, temperatures in Dallas dove into the low 30’s leaving a large number of the homeless people in extraordinary uneasiness and considerably risk. A large number of these individuals are not able to access shelyeers and spend their days and evenings in the city. One Dallas taco shop, known as The Taco Stop, got a hop on the issue and chose to do what they could to help the poor vagrants remain warm.


This is currently the second year that shop proprietor Emilia Flores has set up the coat rack outside of her shop. Flores first observed the practice when she was in Mexico and chose to take it back with her to the states.

“This is a method for individuals not being ashamed about asking,” said Flores. “They simply come and pick what they need and leave.”

Whether the homeless, low salary, or those simply down on their luckiness, Flores’ lone point is to be thoughtful to those in need.


“In little ways you can really have any kind of effect,” she said. “What’s more, this year especially I suspected that the world is so energized and the nation is so captivated, it’s simply one more reminder that it takes a few steps to make life simpler for individuals.”

The whole closet was stolen four times a year ago, however Flores and her clients supplanted it every time. Make no worries, if the same happens this year, there will constantly be coats for those that need them at The Taco Stop.

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