Successful Swedish woman gives up everything, finds her paradise in the Philippines

At the point when life calls for it, sometimes you feel like you require a change. Be that as it may, now and then that change requires more than another postal district, another employment, or another group of friends. Sanne Sevig required that sort of progress and she picked the Philippines as her new home.

Sanne was 25 when she studied in the University of Skövde, Sweden while filling in as a project manager at a Stockholm clothing company and keeping in mind that additionally running her own organization and lecturing everywhere throughout the nation. You can simply envision how occupied and upsetting her life used to be!

“I had too many things going on at once and was never satisfied” Sanne says.

Subsequent to carrying on with the same unpleasant life for quite a long time, Sanne began feeling weak. She couldn’t endure being separated from everyone else stuck in an unfortunate situation and she also had trouble sleeping at night.

She says:

“I was smoking at the time and I couldn’t go out for a cigarette and be calm amid the two minutes it takes. I had a panic attack. It was so quiet and I felt like crap. At that point came the feeling that I couldn’t live like this any longer.”

Back in Sweden, Sanne couldn’t stand being alone in the silence, and she experienced difficulty sleeping.

In 2012, Sanne fainted in her vehicle and drove off the street. She was fortunate that she wasn’t harmed amid the mischance. The exact following day, she chose to leave her place of employment and chose to move to another country as she approached her Facebook friends for recommendations.

A friend she hiked with quite a long while ago said that she had moved to Manila and that she stays there for free. Sanne at that point decided and after a month, she flew to Manila.

Sanne promptly experienced passionate feelings for the Philippines so she chose to sell all that she had to begin her new life in her new home. She’s been staying in the Philippines for 4 years and, from her salary, she set up an hostel in the island of Siargao.

Sanne moved to Siargao Island, Philippines and it has been the exact opposite of her distressing life in Sweden.

Her life in the Philippines is the opposite of her life in Sweden. She’s presently having a quiet, worry-free life!

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