Has This Student From Iceland Just Saved our planet? His idea is brilliant!

While we claim plastic is fine since it is recyclable, a great many people don’t even bother to recycle! Did you realize that it takes plastic roughly 450 years to decompose? Alternative ways to resolve the plastic issue are continually being found, and still, we aren’t utilizing any of them. Why?

A year ago, a product design student, Ari Jonsson, showed another biodegradable bottle design, that could been a game changer. This water bottle was produced using red algae powder. Jonsson thought of this thought after he read about the huge amounts of plastic waste people were delivering.

For this, he began to study the strengths and weaknesses of different substances and chose that making plastic from algae was the solution. That’s something that can be shaped into a container by basically including water, heat and putting it inside a form that will be solidified. Once the bottle is emptied, it will lose its shape and begins to disintegrate. This is just amazing!

Jonsson claims you could even eat the bottle once you were done if you wanted to. His splendid design makes ‘bottles’ squander free and obviously handy. Maybe in time, this kind of thing will be utilized by everyone. For more info, you can look at the video underneath.

This is a brilliant idea!

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