This street musician was about to call it quits… But then these kittens showed up and did this

This artist was giving a performance on the streets of Pangkor, Malaysia, but no one seemed to care so much to stop and listen to his song.

The artist, who was pretty upset, was going to give up, when all of a sudden he sees four little cats sitting before him, tuning in to his music!

These little cats, who seem as though they were only two or three months old, came in to help the man, telling others that his music was worth listening to!

The man, started to feel much better and before leaving, he said thanks to the cats for watching his performance!

This clearly demonstrate that a few of us have abandoned humankind far behind, but animals? no, they still have it! These cats certainly filled his heart with joy!

But the sweetest part of this story is that they were adopted by this lovely person!

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