Stop buying tomatoes. Here’s how to grow an endless supply of tomatoes right at home

This man wanted to get rid of his overripe tomatoes had a brilliant idea just before he tossed them. He found a way to reuse it and he was not disappointed. As a matter of fact he got stunning results after that.

Overripe tomatoes are those tomatoes you would need to throw away, yet this man acknowledged he could make new tomatoes by setting them into a pot of soil. It may seem like an insane thought, however you can raise new tomatoes in seven days by taking after his technique. All you need is soil, a pot, and 1 overripe tomato. That is all!

To start with, cut the tomato into four pieces. At that point, put them in a pot of soil. Sprinkle a touch of soil on top. After one week, the tomato will change into lovely seedlings. After some time, the seedlings will multiply and soon you will have fresh tomatoes to eat.

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