Stepdad and daughter record hilarious video viewed 6 million times, and mom hears about it

Cole LaBrant is a well known YouTube star who most of the times gets a lots of views on his YouTube channel Cole&Sav. However, there is one specific video that he put a little more effort into.

Once you watch it, you’ll realize that the effort was well justified.

The video shows Cole and his wife Savannah’s little girl Everleigh riding along in their car while they break out with some amazing carpool karaoke.

It’s the “cutest carpool karaoke ever,” as indicated by the video’s description, and we agree!

“Hey dad, can we listen to the radio?” Everleigh asks Cole from her seat.

“Sure” Cole says as he turns the radio on.

That is when Cole and his stepdaughter perform to a variety of hits wearing silly outfits.

They initially start lip-syncing to a country song by a female vocalist while Cole is wearing ponytails with a hot pink feather boa, fishnet gloves, and a pink headband.

Everleigh is altogether decked out in pink as well as she and her father break out a similar car dance moves.

Next, they jam out to some rap beats wearing black bandanas while little Everleigh make it rain with money in the back seat.

After that the two wear some cowboy hats and bandannas around their necks to lipsynch to Josh Turner’s country hit “Your Man.”

They continue to easily get through One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” Ritchie Valens’ “La Bamba, and another rap melody.

And finished their execution by headbanging to Drowning Pool’s “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.”

Their senseless video couldn’t be more enjoyable to watch. See below their hilarious performance:

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