Squirrel knocks on family’s window every day for 8 years, then find what she wants them to see

Animals are known to be very friendly with people, that’s why they create so easily bonds with humans. Indeed, even creatures that aren’t domesticated have shown connections to specific people. And this squirrel discovered long lasting companions in a family who saved her life

In 2009, Brantly Harrison and her family saved a 4-week-old squirrel after they discovered it injured from an owl assault. Poor squirrel was nearly dying, but fortunately for her, this family took her back to their South Carolina home and breast fed her back to good health.

They named the squirrel Bella. The family gave her fruits and nuts and kept her safe until the point when she was prepared to be released once again into the wild in the spring of 2010. They imagined that they could never see the lovely critter again, however they couldn’t been more wrong.

Bella has come back to the family home regularly over the past 8 years to visit the family who rescued her from a certain death. She would wait the window, waiting for someone to see her. She even turned out to be so friendly with the family that she would hang out with them in the garden.

Bella has become a part of the family, wanting to spend time with her “family”. Be that as it may, she had a surprise in store for the Harrisons when, one day, she came to their door with a harmed foot.

She clearly felt that she would be safe with the family, so they took her back in and gave her medication and helped her recover. When Bella was prepared to be released once again in to the wild, they took a look in her rehabilitation cage an found an amazing surprise.

Bella had given birth to three little babies. They couldn’t have been more happy to witness the baby squirrel that they raised, have children of her own.

Bella definitely felt the need to share this new stage in her life with the people that she cared about, and she knew would deal with her and her kids until the point when they were safe to wander back outside once more.

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