Soldiers Were Standing In A Lineup When A Little Girl Interrupted The Homecoming Ceremony Because She Couldn’t Wait Anymore To Hug Her Dad!

Military families know how hard the separations are. Particularly, when there is a little kid. Clarifying why father or mother need to go for quite a long time to a child isn’t simple in any way. Such family for the most part don’t have an opportunity to commend all together every birthday and Christmas. Then again, innovations made it easier to communicate, yet it’s not the same as holding your adored one in your arms.

This video demonstrates how much children miss their folks. It was shot at a homecoming ceremony in Fort Carson, Colorado. A young lady couldn’t hold up one more moment, so she hurried to her father to give him an embrace while he was remaining in a lineup. Her dad, Daniel Oglesby, had been away for nine months!

See below the heartwarming video:

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