She Got Locked Out Of Her Car, So She Put A Tennis Ball Over The Keyhole. GENIUS!

Have you locked your keys inside your vehicle? Make no worries, because apparently you can recover them with a tennis ball.
The way to utilizing the tennis ball to open your car doors is the burning hot screwdriver. Heat up a screwdriver and puncture the tennis ball with it. It will pierce the tennis ball, prevent it from tearing and expanding. The pressure inside the ball apparently is sufficient to constrain the locks open. Next put the tennis ball against the door lock with the small hole facing the keyhole. With both hands press the ball against your vehicle door as hard as possible. This will increase the air pressure inside the ball and your locking system for the door gets to be forced open and your car will be again unlocked.
Producers of this video asserts that it will work only on cars using electronic locking systems, which makes you think about whether technology is better or more regrettable nowadays.

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Posted by Luxury and Glamour on Thursday, February 11, 2016

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