Seller thought he ripped this guy off when he sold a rusty knife for $3, he will regret it after seeing this video

What does it take to wind up noticeably the main video on YouTube? It’s a question numerous vloggers have probably over and over asked themselves. In any case, as one Japanese YouTuber named Jun simply demonstrated, all you have to hit the top is one corroded blade and a ton of polishing!
His out of the blue famous (and strangely satisfying) video has as of now piled on more than 8.5 million hits since he uploaded it only 5 days back, and once you see it you’ll comprehend why. He purchased the conventional blade for $3, around ten times more than it was worth given its horrible condition, yet resolved to benefit as much as possible from his buy, Jun moved up his sleeves and got the chance to work cleaning, sharpening, and repairing the cutting edge, and the final product is absolutely stunning. See with your own eyes in the video beneath. Beautiful!

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