Seemingly overweight dancer blows audience away with epic swing routine

John Lindo is big and tall. Obviously, he’s not the shape and size of a professional dancer… yet he knows his qualities and talents, and as a result of it, John’s delighted in proving people wrong for years.

This is John with one of his dancing partners.

His dancing career and fame started in 1992 with country-western style, however he soon became a name on the West Coast Swing circuit by winning title after title at championships. Truth be told, during his numerous years of competitive dancing, he’s won the first place at the U.S. Open, Grand Nationals, and has been the Phoenix Champion of Champions.

In any case, those titles make no difference to people who doesn’t have a clue what competitive dancing means, which is the reason watching John is all you have to do to see exactly how amazing he is on the dance floor.

In the video beneath, he’s hitting the dance floor with his partner Deborah Szekely.

The pair won the first place thanks to their execution, and before the finish of their routine, they had the whole room on their feet. It’s very easy to see why, as well. John can shake his hips and turn his partner quicker and with more accuracy than I’ve at any point seen.

Watch the video to see John’s quick footwork and nimble moves.

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