Security camera captures ‘ghost’ ripping open lockers and destroying signs in empty school

A while ago when I was in primary school, there were rumors about the schools and its grounds being haunted but I never saw or here someone complaining about their school in that way.

Well this school in Ireland, caught recently on their surveillance cameras what we can only assume is one furious ghost causing chaos on the schools’ corridors — during the night.

The school’s principal and “self-proclaimed skeptic” Aaron Wolfe says the school is situated in a scary place. Students complain all the time of unusual sounds, about their things disappearing, or lights turning on and off. In any case, he isn’t convinced the school is truly haunted.

Deerpark CBS is build on a “rich with history” land, says Aaron. During the Irish Famine, the site the school sits on today was the area of the gallows, meaning many people were hanged there.

The video you’re going to see was caught on school surveillance cameras at 3 a.m. on October 1, 2017.

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