Reaction of this Sea Lion to a falling girl is precious

Creatures do have “human” feelings

The national zoo park, from District of Columbia, has a large number of guests consistently. This park has accomplished an immense prominence on account of the most surprising and astonishing creatures from all around the world that are being kept in here.

Every one of the guests of the park watch, watch and analyze the accessible creatures with great relish. They study the creatures’ conduct and it makes a lot of interest for everybody.

In any case, not as captivating as for this young lady who is joyfully running near a glass pool and is enjoying much a sea lion observing each of her moves and cruising after her. At one of her turns the child all of a sudden tumbles down. The sea lion response to this unforeseen episode is quite amazing. Nobody could foresee such a result! Particularly it is bizarre to watch such a human conduct originating from an animal that has spent the majority of its life in the water.

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