Scientists discover 800-year-old seeds. What grows from them plunges everyone into shock

In 2008, archeologists were doing what they specialize in — dig, clean and examine. And keeping in mind that they were doing that at the First Nation’s Menominee Reservation in Wisconsin, they found a clay pot path underneath the surface which didn’t appear to be amazing at first impression. This small finding can be appropriately named “Little But Stunning With A Surprise”.

Soon they found that the pot was in reality 800 years oold. And what was inside the pot? It was something that changes what we’re looking at extinction, preservation, and nourishment stockpiling, and additionally how people have impacted the planet in their period on it. The little bit of ceramics contained a stash of seeds! The seeds were most likely covered in the pot as a technique for storing food supplies. They were determined to be an old, now-extincted types of squash.

After seven years after this dazzling discovery was made, students in Winnipeg chose to plant the 800-year-old seeds — and, incredibly, something grew!

The squash was named Gete-okosomin. It signifies “Huge Old Squash” in the Menominee dialect — and enormous it absolutely is!

Presently, they’re attempting to cultivate the squash with the goal to preserve it from extinction — once more.

It might be only a squash, however it is an interesting look into how stunning plants can be, which may enable researchers to protect seeds for what’s to come.

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