Say NO To Nutella, It’s Poisoning You And Your Children

Nutella or other products of this kind are part of the range of products that many people are consuming and thy are addicted to it.
The ads presents Nutella or the other similar products, as healthy foods, and thus people are convinced that it is not wrong to consume them, but in reality this is not true. The ingredients used for its production are not at all healthy, of course not all, but some of them are not indicated for consumption.
Here are the 4 unhealthy ingredients:
1. Skim Milk: even if we consider that milk is healthy and that is produced in a healthy way, we are wrong. The milk from these products is usually of poor quality, with dense rows in milk from cows treated with antibiotics to reduce costs.
2. Soy: It is best to consume soy, but in small quantities. Consumed in large quantities can damage their health, because it contains lecithin. This is related to thyroid depression, weight gain, fatigue, menstrual issues and breast cancer.
3. Sugar: sugar used in these products is a fairly cheap one, it contain pesticides and our body can’t recognize it. These sugars are known as neurotoxins and traverses brain barrier, causing the removal of brain cells. Cases of ADD, ADHD, autism, depression and Migraines are related to these types of sugars.
4. Vanilla: It is a type of flavor that resembles the taste of vanilla. It contains neurotoxins and kill brain cells. It can be addictive, causing the secretion of serotonin. The largest manufacturers of these flavors are the Chinese factories.

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