They removed the background music from “We Are The Champions,” now listen to just Freddie’s voice

If you are on the lucky guys that was born before 1970 and 1991, it means that you were part of the people who had one of the most beautiful childhood ever, and that’s because you were contemporary with one of the most notorious bands of all time alongside with its amazing singer. That’s right, you were contemporary with Queen and thus with Freddie Mercury.

Voted one of the best vocalists ever, Mercury was voted best male artist ever in a 2005 survey composed by Blender and MTV2; was positioned at 18 on the 2008 Rolling Stone rundown of the 100 biggest artists ever; was chosen in 2009 as the best rock artist ever by Classic Rock and was portrayed by AllMusic as “one of rock’s best performers,” with “one of the best voices in all of music.”

This is the reason Queen has “survived” for a considerable length of time, and will keep on lasting for a long time to come. Rock on, Freddie.

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