Princeton man transforms his home in a winter wonderland, spreading Christmas cheer with thousands of home decorations

A man wanted to show his love for the Christmas season by giving a tour of his home, where each room is decorated for Christmas.

Travis Collis from Princeton, has turned into a web sensation after posting a video of his in-home Christmas decorations that has come to more than 41 million views and counting.

Travis Collis says he has been collecting Christmas decorations for more than 15 years.

“This is my hobby, this is my specialty,” Collis said. “Rather than purchasing cars or bikes or things like that, I buy Christmas items.”

Collis has collected countless decorations that he display it in and around his home every year.

Collis says he purchases and gathers the things from markets and designers from all over the country. He likewise has his own decoration company, and exchange decorations with his customers.

In spite of the fact that Collis didn’t tell how much he has spent on decorations throughout the years, he says it is all worth it, if he is able to spread joy this season.

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