Pop Artist Joins A Street Performer In Singing A Beautiful Version Of “Stand By Me”. You Will Be Blown Away!

Playing music in the city is the begin of the vocation for some performers. In any case, individuals most of the time ignore them, so it is difficult to draw attention of a group. Be that as it may, that day something amazing happened to this street entertainer. Deeh Pitre was singing on the streets of Montreal when Seal asked the performer if he could join. The pop star was occupied with doing a two part harmony. Deeh Pitre agreed instantly. So, they began their delightful singing!

They overwhelmed the group of onlookers. It was a stunning execution. It is so inspiring to see such superb two part harmony. They appeared to sing together for some ages. Deeh Pitre was a Seal fan, so it was a brilliant shot for him to perform with his favorite artist.

It is cool that Seal with his status of VIP doesn’t decline to sing with road performers. I am certain this demonstration can help a lot this underground entertainer in his future career. Perhaps they will meet on a similar stage next time.

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