Police Issue Warning About Suspicious Halloween Candy

In Ohio police have issued a notice in regards to a kind of sweet that may appear in your kid’s Halloween candy bag.

An extremely bizarre and suspicious kind of candy has been appearing in the region. The candy is the famous Lemonheads. For reasons unknown a few bundles of Lemonheads have been accounted for to be a bit opened. This implies the likelihood of the sweet being messed with exists.

Here’s the genuine cautioning that police issued via web-based networking media:


It was brought [to] our consideration by a few people that some sweet go out around the local area today is exceptionally suspicious. In the event that you and your kids have Lemonheads from trick or treating please twofold check them. There are various occasions of the bundles being opened somewhat and the treat itself looking [distorted]. If you don’t mind check all sweet before giving anybody a chance to eat it!”


This police alert has been shared broadly via social media and remarks like the accompanying have been added to the discourse:

“You never know whether it’s messed with if it’s opened, all things considered, lemon heads soften and twist in any case, however better safe then sad.”

A parent who encountered this composes:

“My kids got some like this yesterday. It’s doubtlessly an assembling deformity however I tossed them out from caution.”

It’s well known that it’s difficult to advise whether poor assembling was to be faulted, or real altering. In any case, the answer is clear – don’t take the risk and dispose of the candy right now!

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