These Photos Show What The US Navy And The Marine Corps Do For Fun In The Ocean

“Swim Calls” is one of only a handful couple of drills sailors aboard US military boats can really appreciate. It gives them the chance to do the things they may have missed doing when they were children. It likewise helps them get past the depression they are confronting everyday for being far from their friends and family.

For these mariners, the world is a major swimming pool. It doesn’t make a difference where they are; there is always a gigantic waterway to bounce into. They can have a couple laps of swimming in the Pacific or plunge into the warm saline waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Look at these photos from the United States Navy, indicating how they get things done for the sake of entertainment in the water all around the globe.

People may think these guys are simply swimming in a huge pool.

Or, on the other hand having a decent time in an overflowed abandoned ship.

Yet, these guys are in the middle of the ocean.

Who needs a pool…

When you got the whole ocean to yourself.

With your boss as your life guard

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Here, they are jumping from the mighty aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower

They got the best diving boards in the world

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