Photographer spends 25yrs following whales and dolphins, the magnificent photos will take your breath away

Many people dream about going whale watching and seeing those magnificent creatures in their natural environment. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience that will help you make incredible memories to last you a lifetime.

However, most people don’t ever get a chance to go whale watching. These photos are as close as it gets to actually seeing whales up close and will help you get a taste of what it would be like to experience this type of encounter.

The amazing photos were taken by Christopher Swann, a British photographer who has been taking photos for as long as a quarter century. His focus in photography is marine creatures, one of his biggest passions in life. In fact, the man had spent the last 25 years looking at whales, something he’s done pretty much every single day!

The man had spent years diving and exploring the mystery of the sea, which definitely came in handy when he started taking photos of cetaceans like whales and dolphins. His ability to frame and shoot under and above water is as nothing you’ve ever seen before. His images do so much more than just show a beautiful reality; they tell a story and create a mood that will make you feel like you’re on a cruise boat and are watching the whales from a chair on the deck. Somehow, his images come to life.

The beautiful tones of colors and beautiful waves make the images look a lot like paintings; works of art, really.
There’s nothing like seeing and observing the beauty of animals in their natural habit where they can be themselves and live freely. This is beautiful!

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