Photographer captures one in a million photo, doesn’t realize it until he gets home

Sometimes nature surprises us with things that seem too good to be true. Perfect coincidence that strikingly outline the excellence and wonder of the world.

One such scene happened over the Costa Brava, in Northeastern Spain, when a mass of starlings started to flock into a shape-moving cloud, known as a murmuration. This marvel is a genuine scene, with hundreds, even thousands birds moving in what looks like an organized, single body form that can rapidly transform into some startling shapes.

Photographer Daniel Biber from Hilzingen, Germany was there when the starlings began to twirl and turn, probably because of a predator like a hawk or a falcon being in the region. It was absolutely amazing that because of the predator, the cloud of starlings wound up twisting and turning themselves into a giant, single feathered creature, as though to say to their predator, “we are bigger than you.”

The photographs have earned Mr. Biber a prize in a universal photography competition. However he didn’t understand that he had caught such one of a kind shots until later. “Just when I checked the photos on the PC later, I understood what formation the starlings had made,” he told the Daily Mail. “I was so focused on taking pictures at the time that I hadn’t understood that the starlings had made a monster feathered creature in the sky.”

It was a case of persistence pays off for Mr. Biber, who had attempted and failed to catch the starlings in full flow before. “‘I love to photo starlings yet it never worked out as well as I hoped for,” he said. “‘After all I drove to the same spot each day for four days in a row so I can take this pictures. I picked a spot where I figured they would turn up and picked a coordinating closer view and backdrop to place them in scene.”

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