Owl’s about to get bathed with squirt bottle – has internet cracking up with his reaction

This little owl name Curbie chose to fend off hydration by getting a drink and a shower at the same time. How adorable is this little squish? Clearly, his proprietor thought so too so he posted a video of this cute and wise bird online

“This owl named Curbie went to his proprietor asking for some water to drink. Curbie’s human used a spray bottle to give him some water to drink,” the video’s description says. “Curbie at that point concluded that he needed to wash up, so he spread his wings wide with the goal that his human could splash his feathers.”

He flies over to his mother from the couch and makes the cutest little owl noise ever, “Hoo Hoo.” His mother realizes that Curbie saying that he’s thirsty so she holds a the spray bottle to his mouth and gives him a squirt.

He takes a couple of tastes and chooses he’s prepared for a nap. He holds up his wings high with the goal that his owner can squirt him underneath and get him nice and clean. He begins turning around so his owner doesn’t miss a spot!

He even sticks his little owl butt out. Evidently, that is the place and time he decided it was enough and took off after his drink/shower. This lovable little owl wound up becoming famous online and had been seen more than 20 million times on the Poke My Heart Facebook page alone. Watch the hilarious footage here:

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