The Owl Won’t Stop Hugging The Man Who Saved Her After Some Time Of Being Apart

Sometimes creatures demonstrate to us what true love is.

Gigi is an owl that got to Mississippi’s Wild at Heart Rescue after a huge head injury. She was thought to been hit by an auto, even more, she had a condition like pneumonia in people. Her condition was poor. The staff of Wild at Heart did everything they could to help the winged animal.

Be that as it may, it was Douglas Pojeky who turned into a true companion to the winged creature. So when Pojeky needed to go visit his family and later returned, he was shocked by owl’s response.

She was so upbeat to know her companion had returned she would move on his arm and continue embracing him!

Watch the video to learn more about Gigi’s astounding recuperation and her adoration for her companion Douglas Pojeky.

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