Onions Are A Great Natural Remedy For Common Illnesses – Here Are 12 Unexpected Ways To Use Them

Onions can boost your immunity, stop vomiting, treat respiratory conditions and help treat diabetes, heart-related issues, bring down cholesterol, and joint inflammation. They also help your body to fight off free radicals that cause chronic disease, like cancer.

They have been used by Native American to treat colds and influenza, and even the World Health Organization now perceive onions as a helpful medicine for respiratory infections, bronchitis, hack, and clog.

Here are some good ways that you can utilize onions for common sicknesses:


Peel and cut an onion down the middle and put a tablespoon of brown sugar over each cut and cover them for 60 minutes. Eat this relish twice daily to dispose of your cough. The sulfur in onions has anti-bacterial properties that murder caugh causing organisms.

Sulfur likewise fills in as a detoxing agent to release toxins in the body. It’s calming properties decrease plain and irritation that happens amid a caughing fit.

Battle Hair Loss

Heat up some water with an onion in it and use the fluid as a pre-shampoo rinse to help battle hair loss and grow back your hair. Its antimicrobial properties will stop dandruff and help new hair to develop, while the antioxidants will stop hair loss and furthermore help it to become more grounded and fuller.

Loosen Chest Congestion

Squash up an onion and make a paste by adding some coconut oil. Spread the paste on your chest and cover it with a kitchen towel. Onions work like a natural antibiotic and reinforce the immune system. The vapors that onion emit fill in as an expectorant to loosen the mucous in your chest that causes hacking.

Relieve a Colic Baby

To relieve a colic child give them a teaspoon of onion tea consistently until the point that they are calm. The onion has properties that will relax muscles, fortify the stomach, and regulate digestion.

Heat up a diced yellow onion in some water and let it cool before you give it to your baby.

Calm a Bug Bite

Place a bit of onion or some new onion juice onto a bug bite to alleviate it. The relieve properties of an onion will diminish irritation and discomfort from the creepy crawly bite.

Ear Infection

Chop up an onion and put it in a thin sock and tie it shut. Put the sock over your ear and hold it set up with a hat. Leave it on until the point that the pain disappear.


Use the film of your onion skin for a cut. This will fill in as an antiseptic agent that stops bleeding very fast. The antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties help to heal the wound, while the antimicrobial properties will keep it from getting infected.

Soothe a Sore Throat

Make a decoction from onion to skin and water. Drink a little and rinse with it. If the taste is too awful you can include some lemon and honey. The onion’s anti-inflammatory properties will lessen the torment and irritation in your throat.


Grate an onion and press it with a cheesecloth and collect the onion juice. Mix some peppermint tea and let it cool. Drink two teaspoons of the onion squeeze and hold up five minutes. At that point drink two teaspoons of peppermint tea. Repeat this until you quit vomiting.

Cleanse the Air

An onion will filter the air by sucking out microscopic organisms and infections of the air and absorbing it.

Treat Sun or Minor Burns

Rub some fresh onion on your burn to to prevent infection. The sulphuric mixes will speed skin recovery and diminish burning and redness.


Cut up some thin onion cuts. Run some coconut oil on the base of your feet and apply your thin cuts onto the arch of each foot. Wrap your foot with plastic wrap and cover with a sock. The onion will draw out toxins, microscopic organisms, and infection from the body overnight.

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