One extremely rude woman wanted to humiliate a waitress in the high-class restaurant but she ended being kicked out of the restaurant

Is the client always right? Does the way that you visit the eatery of a hairdressing salon give you the privilege to humiliate the employees who work there? I figure not!

This story is about one young lady who works as a waitress in a high-class eatery!

“I was fortunate: I found an occupation in one of the high-class eateries! Despite the fact that, my left ear does not hear totally, and the right one is completely damaged, I was allowed to work there. I wear a portable amplifier, so can hear almost normal!” said the young lady.

“One day our eatery was visited by a wedded couple:

Me: Glad to welcome you at our eatery! Are you ready to order?

Spouse: Call the manager! Immediately!

Me: One moment. Possibly I can help you?

Spouse: No!

I needed to go and ask the manager to speak with the lady.

Manager: Good evening! How can I help you?

Spouse: Why do your workers wear earphones? Do they tune in to music? We pay you a great deal of cash and, trust me, we merit the five star service! This is unacceptable.

I truly felt my back as everybody in the eatery frozen.

Manager: Our staff know they can’t wear earphones. But if you see someone who does that, please let me know. I ensure that this employee will be sent home!

Spouse: Please! Here she is.

The lady indicated me.

Manager: I’m so sad. Her conduct is inappropriate.

Spouse: I agree!

Manager: I’m referring to you! Your conduct is inappropriate! The server wears a listening device. Will you please leave our eatery and never returned!

The lady’s husband didn’t support her either! The irate woman needed to leave the eatery!

I’d like to offer my thanks to all individuals who defended me! Many thanks!”

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