Twenty-year NYPD veteran officer Ross Dichter is an unique police man. Why? During his entire career he has never taken a sick day, despite the fact that he worked one some difficult missions, including 9/11. His colleagues speak highly of Ross and know about his health issues. Since February, Dichter is fighting several disease, but he came to work on a daily basis.

“It helps the time go by and it also helps me, it keeps my mind going and not thinking about what is going on then and there,” says Dichter, 45. He, his wife Karen and their three children live in Lynbrook.

NYPD officer Ross Dichter performs most of his duties from his home. Credit: Johnny Milano

Dichter was diagnosed some 18 years after his Ground Zero work. As a result, he wants all those who worked on Sept. 11 to take their health seriously.

“Everyone who worked down there, even though it is 18 years later, there are people who are being diagnosed, illnesses are coming up, you should definitely be part of the 9/11 screening,”