Nobody wanted to join a boy with autism at lunch. His life changed forever when a famous sportsman sat at his table

Bo Paske is a kid with autism, and it implies that the greater part of his time he stays alone. He isn’t a casualty of bullying, yet the other children still would prefer to stay apart of him.

One day, Travis Rudolph, a Florida State University football player, went by Bo’s school. When lunch break came, the sportsman saw that Bo was sitting apart from anyone else, while different children were eating in groups, having a a good time. He chose to sit at the same table with Bo.

Soon thereafter, someone sent Bo’s mom a photograph of the two at the cafeteria with an inscription saying “Travis Rudolph is having lunch with your child”. The kid’s mother was so touched by this photograph, she made a post on Facebook. She needed to express gratitude toward Travis, on the grounds that for the most part, her child had his lunch totally alone, and it truly meant a lot for her child.

She couldn’t envision that her post would end up plainly popular and even influence a few children at Bo’s school to change their minds. Today, Bo does not eat alone as he used to, and because of Travis’ act of kindness, his colleagues have turned out to be friendlier to him.

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