News crew’s heartwarming rescue of dog trapped in tornado aftermath

While reporting on the recent devastation caused by a tornado in Texas, an ABC News crew became unexpected heroes, rescuing a dog after hearing its distressing cries.

Two members of the security detail from ABC News identified the cries that were emanating from beneath a house, which had been severely damaged by the EF1 tornado. This tornado had already claimed one life and left at least 11 others injured in the Rio Grande Valley area.

Upon hearing the dog’s cries, the crew immediately contacted animal control. However, not content with just standing by, ABC sound technician Jim Gower took matters into his own hands. He grabbed a shovel and began digging, and before long, a furry face appeared from the debris.

The terrified dog waited patiently as Gower and his team dug him out from beneath the home’s foundation.

Fortunately, the dog didn’t seem to be injured and was able to crawl out of the hole with some assistance from Gower and the others. We all hope that this brave dog was promptly reunited with his family.

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