New Fashion Trend For Men: Crocheted Shorts Made From Vintage Blankets

Making design fabrics by circling yarn utilizing a hooked needle is the specialty of sewing. Schuyler Ellers began another pattern with sewing by making men’s shorts. He offers them on Etsy.

There either the coolest, most brilliant manifestations you’ve ever found in men’s shorts, or they make you absolutely flinch as you never could envision cutting the grass or appearing at a BBQ one of your brother’s is tossing while wearing a couple of these.

He does likewise make bell-bottoms, capri pants, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. He utilizes reused vintage stitch afghans:
“Afghan covers are unique bits of society craftsmanship, hand-made by artisans crosswise over America since the 1960’s and well some time recently. With scissors and a sewing machine, I change vintage sews into wearable model!”

Clearly he began sewing in Barcelona, Spain, and rapidly had the yearning to accomplish something other than what’s expected.
“In the wake of weaving for a considerable length of time each day for quite a long while, I in the long run flashed on utilizing afghans as a pre-made knit material. Reusing vintage knits permitted me to make sew pieces of clothing with a velocity which I had never envisioned. It resembled I hopped a level in a computer game.”
He does capris and full length gasp too. What’s more, his requests comes from everywhere.
On the off chance that you set out to wear one of these whenever your grass needs a cut or your amigos need you over for a brew and a ball game, then good luck with that. Go snatch a couple over at Etsy!

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