Never mix cucumbers and tomatoes in a salad. This combination is not beneficial to your health

On the off chance that you like eating fresh vegetables, you ought to focus on what plants you will combine. A large portion of us use one basis about blending plate of mixed salad, we only care for its taste. Be that as it may, we normally simply toss in a couple of ingredients and hope for the best.

Well, the thing is that a few ingredients don’t go together in a salad, they contain distinctive properties and ought to be eaten independently. The most surprising case of this is tomatoes and cucumbers.

We know that plate salad with these vegetables is delicious and pretty healthy. All things considered, it is valid, however this mix isn’t the best arrangement.

Tomatoes and cucumbers have diverse assimilation time and blending them can cause health problems. The kind of mix can trigger stomach related issues, for example, stomach hurt, gas, sickness and bloating. Cucumbers additionally contain a substance that destroy vitamin C in tomatoes. So it is more gainful to our wellbeing to eat cucumbers with no other vegetables.

We have to recollect that tomatoes and cucumbers are not compatible to each other, so we shouldn’t eat them together.

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