Mysterious Rabbit Hole Leads To A Secret 700-Year-Old Temple Built By Knights Templar

The principal thing that may ring a bell when you think to a rabbit hole and underground caves would be Alice in Wonderland. Well, this cave is something more than a SF story. Rather, it’s a forgotten cave that remind us of the rich history of the Knights Templar!

The Knights Templar were a dreaded Catholic order with enormous military power. They’re known for being made out of aristocrats who battled in the Crusades for the Holy Land. The Crusades seethed on for just about 200 years.

Unfortunately, the Knights Templar fell apart when the Crusaders neglected to recover the Holy Land, and their members were captured and executed by the King Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V for charges as extortion, corruption and secrecy.

Michael Scott, a Birmingham-based photographer took photos of the cave.

The rabbit gap is innocuous to the point that you could practically walk past it.

In any case, underneath is a passage that takes you to an unnoticed sanctuary utilized by the Knights Templar.

Inside the cavern is a well preserved temple made out of land.

You don’t believe it? See by yourself in the video below:

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